Our Carriage Horses

The "Duke" of New York


The Duke of New York or just Duke as we call him was formerly a NYC carriage horse. Duke is confident in any and all situations as he is experienced in big city commotion. 

"Ana" our frozen princess


Ana is our beautiful golden Belgian with a white mane and tail. Ana looks fantastic on any of our carriages and especially striking on our Cinderella's with gold accents. Ana is a true love bug that adores human attention. She is brave and steady. As carriage horses go, a perfect lady indeed!

"King Cole"


King Cole is our tallest white horse at eighteen hands high at the shoulder. While all our carriage horses are also riding horses King Cole is an especially pretty mover under saddle. We think "his highness" may have aspirations as a dressage horse for the Queens court.  

Dapper Dan & Princely


Dapper Dan and Princely are our gorgeous new team of half brother carriage horses. Younger horses currently in training for commercial carriage rides. We pick the events we allow them to service carefully to insure we are instilling trust and confidence in these gorgeous boys. 



Clyde is one of our spectacular Clydesdale's. Always recognizable by the heavy feathering on their white legs our Clyde also has a full tail and a long, long mane hair that is the envy of the ladies. Clyde is a fearless steady fellow who we can always rely on for relaxing carriage rides. As carriage horses go Clyde is one of the best! 



Royal ( left) is our backup man for team driving. Occasionally one horse power isn't enough for carriage rides with hills so we have Royal to help out his fellow carriage horses when that situation crops up. Royal is always personable and gets along with everybody. 

About our Horses


Life as a Princess carriage horse.

We service between fifty and seventy events featuring carriage rides a year. Most events are two hours or less. A few will last three to four hours. These events are divided between our carriage horses over the course of the year. We always pick the horse who is best for the specifics of the event.  i.e. if there will be fireworks we are sure to bring a horse that doesn't mind fireworks, or for a Baraat a horse that doesn't mind loud drums, loud music, and dancing people in close proximity. Nearby trains, scampering children, carnival rides, each horse has things they tolerate better than a pasture mate. Our intimate knowledge of our horses ensures we will bring you the carriage horse best suited for the job. Decades in the commercial horse drawn carriage industry guarantees you a safe and well thought out experience when hiring The Princess's Carriage.  

Humane operations

Here at The Princess's carriage we are extremely devoted to the humane use of our carriage horses while giving carriage rides. From picking the horse best suited for specific jobs, to limiting operating time during hot and humid weather. Our goal is to start and end every event with a horse that has only been lightly exercised. You wont experience any dripping sweaty or huffing and puffing horses from our operating style. We also pay close attention to hoof care and needs to make sure our horses always have healthy hooves.  We only walk our carriage horses with a rare trot that might happen to get through a traffic light for a few yards. Hard road surfaces can be hard on joints and tendons so we minimize this by always walking and using shock absorbing hoof wear when needed. 

I want a job like that!

The benefits of being a Princess Carriage carriage horse are enviable. A few hours a week worth of carriage rides and all our horses enjoy breakfast and dinner delivered with a main course, with additional hay buffet. Our carriage horses also enjoy year round medical and dental, free housing, the daily run of our twenty acre farm, pedicures every six weeks, and full retirement including all the above benefits. Princess Carriage horses have a far easier job with full benefits than most people do! 

The exciting big news!

We have recently retired or semi retired a few of our carriage horses from carriage rides in the last year. Therefore you will be seeing some new horse faces here on our website and at events moving forward.  As always our carriage horses will be beautiful, well fed, well groomed, happy, and well cared for. 

Frequently asked questions.

Q- What are those on your carriage horses hooves? A- Our horses sometimes wear hoof boots which protect the bottom of the horses sole on rough surfaces like gravel during carriage rides. They look like a horse tennis shoe and greatly reduce concussion to joints and tendons. We also sometimes use a paint on product called hoof armor that is clear and has Kevlar fibers in an epoxy resin base. This too protects the bottom of our horses hooves and unlike steel shoes allows for the natural expansion and contraction of the hoof. We also like Hoof It synthetic horse shoes. We try to avoid steel shoes not only for our horses but also to avoid scratching up ornamental brick road and driveway surfaces. 

Q-What if the horse uses the bathroom? A- our horses wear a part of their harness that is discrete and catches any manure that might be produced. If used we empty the manure bag ASAP to avoid odors. 

Q- Can we feed  the horse a treat? A- We are happy to accept a treat for our horses and will see to it that they receive them in their feed pan at home. However, while working we do not allow anyone including our staff to hand feed our horses. Horses are grazing animals and you certainly do not want them to associate your human body as a food source.  Hand feeding only encourages nipping and we do not want anyone to get hurt. 

Q- Can we pet the horse? A- Certainly! our horses love human attention. Just make sure our footman is at the horses head before you approach to pet or touch the horse.  Your footman is there to ensure proper behavior around the horse as different horses prefer being petted in different ways. Some even like kisses! Just ask.

Q- Are the horses afraid of barking or chasing dogs? A- No. Spare a dog that was so aggressive it bit or mauled the horse our horses are not afraid of dogs. Our horses live on our farm around our dogs everyday. 

Q- Are your horses afraid of vehicular traffic? A- No. Our carriage horses are used to cars, honking horns, loud motorcycles, ambulances and police sirens. 

These are some of our most common FAQ's. If you have a question not answered here please feel free to call  us at (501) 232-4102 or e-mail it to Karen@princesscarriage.com