Educational Offerings


About Draft Horses

There are so many interesting differences between draft horses and saddle horses! Even if you are an experienced riding horse owner you will be surprised at how many things are not the same. Everything from dietary needs, grooming needs, what is and isn't beneficial exercise for a draft horse, and even health problems that are different and unheard of in light horses. Long story short there is plenty to learn.  

About carriage Service

Looks like an easy and fun job to just hang out with your horse and give carriage rides? Nothing could be further from the truth. Offering carriage rides to the public is far more complicated than what meets the eye. Everything from concerns with public safety, to the skill of handling a 2000 lb flight animal in every kind of horse unfriendly situation imaginable. 

Being able to look at a route and determine if its a one horse or two horse job is a talent that is acquired over many years of experience. From how to book rides for large groups and stay on time, to the cost and care of draft horses 365 days out of the year. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested hearing about the horse drawn carriage industry and the challenges it faces there will be a never ending supply of interesting and educational facts to share.

If you would like to learn more about the horse and carriage industry take some time with our blog at:

About local areas and attractions

Tours are always interesting and found in interesting places.  A slow paced carriage ride is probably the best way possible to get a tour of a local historical area. The pace is relaxed and gives you plenty of time to view the main points of interest. Our carriage drivers are happy to learn a tour you provide or assist someone you provide with a waist band PA system. Either way carriage riders come out knowing more when they get off than what they did when they got on!

Always something to talk about

No matter what your educational goals may be we are happy to play an active or passive part in the delivery. There is always something to talk about and we enjoy an educational experience as much as our patrons do. You tell us what you have in mind and we will make it happen.