A horse carriage for your fundraiser

We have serviced all sorts of fundraisers. Child adoption events (pictured), local animal shelters, school fundraisers, women's shelters and many more. We are happy to work with you whatever your goals may be. We offer both prepaid ( hourly) and open ended service at a per-rider fee for groups of 100 or more. Not sure how to organize it? Call us! We have all sorts of helpful idea's that have been used successfully in the past.  


Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful carriage to Relay for Life. It added such a festive touch to our Relay. We appreciate your generosity.  

The White County Committee Chair - Lisa Bryant

We want to thank you so much for your services for our largest fundraiser " A Royal Night Out" You guys absolutely made this night special for our kids! We ended up raising over $30,000 this year at RNO for our special needs activities, which is double from last year. We owe this success to your continued help-your carriage makes this event perfect! 

Thank you again! The Community Connections Team