Baraat and Vidai


We offer both ridden Baraat and Baraat riding in a decorated carriage. Our white horse is fully costumed whether being ridden or pulling the carriage. Our handlers are appropriately costumed in traditional style garb. Our horses are confident with Dohl drummers, loud music, and a dancing crowd. 

Communication is key

Everyone is excited on the big day. Don't forget to communicate any and all special requests before your horse rental for Baraat. Every service is unique and if you have a certain tradition planned make sure to let us know. We want to make sure you're satisfied with your costumed horse carriage rides or ridden horse rental. We service Little Rock, Conway, Searcy, as well as Arkansas statewide. 

Testimonials, and Recommendations

Baraats are not user friendly for most horses as natural flight animals. Do not make the mistake of hiring just anyone for your Baraat and/ or Vidai. Success is greatly linked to experienced horses and handlers. Call us for a recommendation from a past customer.  

Important details and Traditions

Traditions vary slightly so make sure you let us know exactly what you are including in your individual Baraat ceremony. We will happily comply.  

We love to be a part of your big day!

We are truly honored to be a part of your Traditional Indian Wedding. Exciting, beautiful and Festive the excitement in a Baraat procession is contagious.  Call us for a safe and enjoyable Barrat and/or Vidai. We truly love being a part of your big day!


Q - Do you use a white horse? A- Yes

Q - Do you supply a traditional costume for the horse? A- Yes

Q - Are your horses startled by the Dohl Drummers? A- No

Q -Do you offer ridden Baraat? A- Yes

Q- Do you offer Baraat riding in the carriage? A- Yes 

Q -Do you offer Vidai? A- Yes