Daddy Daughter Dances and Ladies Tea


Daddy Daughter & Ladies Tea

We offer a unique and memorable experience to add to your daddy daughter dance or ladies tea events! Great photos to frame and share with the rest of the family! Make a wonderful memory the children will treasure forever.

Big or small we can serve them all!

Our Cinderella carriages are always a big hit and will easily hold 3-4 adults and the same number of children. We have two Cinderellas available. We also have a golden fringe top carriage that itself will hold 12 adults and 12 children in laps. (pictured). For those really large groups we can easily service rides for up to 35-40 people per ride with all three carriages. If your not sure what your needs really are, call us! We are happy to guide you to what will work best for your event.

Safe and Supervised

We have lots and lots of experience with children's events. Our horses are accustom to the noise and rambunctious nature of kids. In addition to the driver we always employ a header to stand at the horses head and supervise any and all horse and human interactions.  We have many references and have serviced large children's events for high profile organizations. 

Pricing Options

Besides helping you figure out how to service your event best we are also more than happy to help you decide what pricing options will work best. We offer prepaid service on an hourly basis as well as open ended services on a per-rider pricing format. Open ended means there is not a time limit and we stay until everyone has had a ride. We usually bring more than one horse to these events so we can switch out at the half way point. We are also happy to accommodate fund raising efforts for those type events and can help you with how to add our services for that as well.