Large groups with several carriages

We have the capacity to move 32 full size adults per ride using all of our larger carriages. This number will be slightly higher if some of the riders are children. That is employing four of our biggest carriages. How many your event will need will depend on the length of the ride, the time allotted, and the number of people you wish to service. If you need help with this calculation we are experienced in what works well and are happy to guide you though the process.


Hi Karen! I wanted to pass on a few carriage photos for you guys from Community Connections "A Royal Night Out" on November 19th. We VERY MUCH appreciate your continued support of this special organization. RNO was a huge success this year, all owed in part to your perfect detail to our night. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If there is anything we can do in return of your generosity, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

Sincerely, Jodie McGinley


Q- How many people do each of your larger capacity carriages hold? A- Our Cinderellas will hold six large adults, and we have two. The Rustic Wagonette will hold  eight large adults and the Royal Wagonette will hold 12 large adults. These numbers increase if some of the riders are children. 

Q- How many carriage's will I need for my big event? A- That depends on several factors. The allotted time at your event, the number of people, and the length of the ride. We are happy to help you with these calculations. 

Q- How much staff comes with you for multiple carriage events? A- A driver for each carriage and at least two ground persons to head, bring the horses a drink, or relieve a driver. Never will we leave any of our horses unattended.