Our Carriages

The Disney Princess


A custom creation designed by Walt Disney World in Tokyo Japan for a production of Cinderella. This rare and beautiful Victorian style couples carriage offers a roomy seat. It has a convertible folding top. The opposing dash area holds your wine glasses as well as an ice bucket. 

The Rustic Fringe Top Wagonette


Perfect for outdoor barn weddings where the theme is one of rustic appeal. This beautiful bird in hand carriage will hold the bride, her escort, and up to six brides maids all at once. We deliver to the ceremony where the groomsmen are waiting to assist the ladies out of the carriage.

The Cinderella


Perfect for any Princess our Cinderella carriages are the real deal. One pictured two available. They seat six to seven adults comfortably, or eight to ten children according to size. A breathtakingly beautiful carriage that always leaves everyone who see's it in awe. With the lights on its as spectacular after dark as it is in the daytime. Our most popular rental. 

The Royal fringe top wagonette


Pulled by two spectacular carriage horses the Royal Wagonette holds twelve to fourteen full sized adults and up to twenty if the mixture is adults and children. A great carriage for events where you are servicing a large group for rides.

Cinderella after Dark


Stunning after dark we have two different light patterns to our Cinderella carriages. We have  the style pictured above and another style with every part of the carriage covered in lights. Both are enchanting, the choice is yours.

The Royal fringe top for Funeral


Convertible into a horse drawn hearse the Royal fringe top wagonette is perfect for a final last ride. The top is high enough that the spay can stay on the casket and there is enough room on both sides to adorn it with floral arrangements.