Carriage Horse Love


Carriage Horses get lots of love and attention

Draft horses by nature are gentle giants. Tractable and affectionate they love the attention of people, and showering people back with soft nuzzles from their velvety muzzles. However...horses are individuals and have their personal preferences. Some adore having their faces petted and others prefer a shoulder is rubbed for scratched.  Our staff knows each of our horses preferences so just ask!  

Our policy

We are more than happy to share the affections of our spectacular horses with you! That said...all interactions with our horses are always supervised by a footman at the horses head. While we are happy to accept a food treat for our horses to give to them later at home in their feed bucket we do not allow hand feeding of our horses. Horses being grazing animals can quickly start to associate your body as a food source and become pushy about demanding treats. This can become dangerous. Rather than risk it we avoid the issue by not creating the problem in the first place. We do hope you understand.   

Everybody loves a carriage horse!

Commercial carriage horses all over the country enjoy affection from humans on a daily basis. Its one of the perks of being a carriage horse that is adored by the public. If you would enjoy seeing examples of happy carriage horses coast to coast lapping up love from many kind folks take a peek here: