Special Events carriage rental


Formal Balls, Black Tie Affairs, and Dances

From Fun to Fundraisers, carriage rides always a nice touch to any formal event.  Balls, dances, and black tie affairs we add another element of sophisticated flair to these events. Our carriages hold anywhere from one, three, or six couples! That is two, six, or twelve adults. 

How it works

According to the number of couples you need us to service, the length of your event, and the size and number of carriages you choose, and available space are all factors that will determine what kind of ride we can offer. Just call us with you ideas and we are happy to do a site inspection and calculate what you need to best fit your event. 

Our turnout

Our carriage driver and footman will be attired in formal wear. Top hat ,tie, black dress pants, and black shoes or boots.  We always look our best and our style is perfect for any formal affair. 


Q- Do you clean up after your horse? A- Our horses do not leave manure on the road or parking lot. They wear a piece of harness that catches any manure that might be produced. If an accident were to happen we carry equipment to clean up with, and we empty the manure catcher if it is used. We use Odo-ban disinfectant and water to clean up urine which is not a common happening when horses are in harness. 

Q- Can you help us plan out a successful evening with the carriage(s)? A- Absolutely! We are experienced at calculating our rides so that everything flows just the way you hoped for.

Q-How do you get the horse and carriage to our event? A- We have custom built horse trailers that hold both the horses and the carriages. All we need from you is a place to park that will ensure our rig is not in your pictures. We usually scope this out during our site inspection before the event day. If you know of a good spot we are happy to consider it.