Little Princess Birthday Parties


For a royally good time!

The princess of honor and her entire royal court will have a super great time when a Cinderella Carriage shows up! Sometimes even Cinderella herself has been known to crash a princess birthday party! Either way all the royalty in the kingdom takes a ride in the horse carriage for the Princesses big day! Even the Prince Charming's both big and small. Knights in shining armor and usually more than a few court jesters. The horse brings the birthday Princess an age appropriate gift that arrives on the carriage seat!

Fun rides and amazing photos

The kids will have a blast riding in the Cinderella carriage. The Cinderella horse carriage holds eight to ten children at once. So there is plenty of room to ride multiple times with family and friends. Princess birthdays are available in one and two hour slots. As always Princesses are very spontaneous, so you are sure to get some cute and amazing photos! Serving Little Rock, Searcy, Conway, and all of Arkansas statewide!


Thank you so much for the two sacks of goodies for Gabrella and Grace on their first birthday! Thank you for making the girls special day a memorable one! 

Sincerely, Chad, Tiffany, Jackson, Gabrella, Grace, Brown 

Thank you so much for making Kaidence's day more magical! We can't explain how much we appreciate your part in making Kaidence's wish a "dream come true"! 

Kim, Hannah & Stephanie & the * Make A Wish* team,



Files coming soon.