Horse and carriage party rentals



From grandma's to grand children and everyone in between everyone loves carriage rides! Princess's horse carriage rides as part of  your party rentals is a funtastic way to make that special loved one feel extra special on their birthday. We can do rides around your neighborhood to the delight of your family, friends, and neighbors, or we can meet you at an event or community center. We can come expected or we can hide out until the last minute and surprise the birthday celebrity. The details are yours to decide. We just provide a unique experience, life long memories, and photos that are spectacular. 


Karen, Duke, Hubby and my night Coachwomen,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful Cinderella Carriage Ride last evening. In my wildest imaginations I just never thought that would be able to experience such a dream come true. Absolutely 100% fabulous. I don't believe I have the proper words 'thank you' does not seem adequate. As silly as it may sound I love the fairytale Cinderella. I have a glass slipper my sons gave me one Christmas, and a statue of the Fairy Godmother, a pumpkin and now I have this beautiful fond memory in my heart, mind, and picture ( that you took I am the excited silly person who happens to use a power wheelchair) I look forward to framing the photo and placing it next to my glass slipper.

I hope you all made it home safe and sound. And that Duke was pleased to be back home in his barn. I will be sure to tell Mare and Darrin a big hello from you. Wishing you a restful and fun-loving weekend. Again, truly THANK YOU for such a fun-filled ride of a lifetime. 

And may I add, you make dreams come true and I pray that God blesses each of you all the days of your life. Each of you have awesome gifts to offer and I thank God for allowing me to be blessed in your gifts. Thanks for sharing yourself and all the things you do.

A grateful heart, Ida