About our Services


A favorite thing

Bringing joy to nursing and retirement home resident is truly one of our favorite things. Listening to the stories residents share about life on their family farm growing up, remembering the milk being delivered by a horse pulling a milk wagon, or using horses to plow the ground for the crops they grew. Then there is always that person who says  "I've never ridden on a carriage before" What an honor it is to know that we have provided a such a unique memory!

How it works

All we need is a flat parking lot and all you need is a reason to party with a horse pulling a carriage! We do not touch residents but let the trained staff at the facility handle that. Our Cinderella carriages sit just 8 inches off the ground and are easy for staff to help residents on and off. Even non-ambulatory patients can take a carriage ride. All interaction with the horse is supervised by our footman who stays at the horses head for any petting, and all loading and unloading of passengers. We are happy to give rides to both residents and their family for organized events. We can offer services that are of no cost to the facility with groups of 100 or more. Call for details.

Great memories and beautiful pictures

We have serviced nursing facilities all over the state since 2007.  We have plenty of references if you would like to ask one how well our service operates and how well received it always is. Once we service a facility once we usually end up a yearly tradition. Often told that the residents have not stopped talking about the carriage ride all year! What a great review!


Q- What if the weather is bad and we can't bring the residents outside for the carriage ride? A- We are happy to work with you picking another day with a pleasant forecast. 

Q- Is there any type of resident that is not allowed to ride?  A- No. Carriage rides are not like carnival rides and are safe for anyone. They are slow, relaxing, and not a bit scary. 

Q- Can we pay you after the service has been rendered? A-Yes all corporate bookings are allowed to pay day of.  Just make sure someone has our check ready before we are packed up to leave.