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Why choose us?

* Our presentation at all our events is a matter of personal pride, and we take extreme care in our appearance, apparel and conduct.

* Our horses are very well taken care of, and they live with us on our property. Humane use of our horses is paramount to us so they only work a few hours at a time, and their work consists of one or two days a week at the most. Our horses are part of our family. They have no other job. Come and visit them on one of their many days off on our farm!

* We pre-drive all our events in our car prior to the scheduled event to ensure the safety of a propsed route for a horse drawn slow moving vehicle. We also address any and all humane issues for our horses. i.e. too long or steep of a hill, and/or excessive length of a route.

*We pride ourselves on an elegant variety of carriages and looks. All of our vehicles are custom made to our specifications.

* Our custom Cinderella Carriage is perfect for princeesses of all ages that desire a fairy tale feel to their event, and all Princess Carriage's are pulled by spectacular all white horses with full flowing mane's and tail's. We have not overlooked any detail to ensure that extra magical look to your event.

* We offer custom silk floral arangements added to your carriage in your wedding colors to customize your carriages look and ensure you truely unique pictures. This is available at no additional cost.

* We always provide an experienced footman in addition to the carriage driver. The footman's job is to make sure that our horses are properly supervised, and tended to at all times. As a matter of public safety horses should never, ever, be left unattended for any reason. As a result of our extra effforts we have enjoyed a 100% perfect safety record on all our events since 1984! Safety and our clients comfort is always a number one concern for us.

* Our service is second to none while our price's are still extremely competitive. Our customer service is always friendly and expeditious. Just call us and see for yourself!

Why a White Horse?

Besides being the most sought after steed of choice for wedding celebrations all over the world from every corner of the US to even the far reaches of India where during the Baraat it is traditional for the groom to arrive to the ceremony on the back of a decorated white mare. The noble white steed is preferred from fairy tale to folklore. White horses are a living breathing, yet legendary creature that we are still able to enjoy in today's real world. Most born black, and genetically grey's once they have turned white they become more coveted than at any other time in their lives.

Revered since the dawn of time, for both its beauty and religious symbolism, the white horse has been the center of world events from pre-biblical times, to the 20th Century. Here we introduce you to the world of the white horse with its mystery, mysticism, imagery and history.

Military leaders often chose a white horse because it would stand out on the field of battle. Some famous white war horses include those ridden by William the Conqueror astride his white stallion defeating King Harold at the battle of Hastings. Napoleon's famous white horse Marengo, and even Joan of Arc rode a white horse. Our first US president George Washington is riding a white horse in most of the paintings depicting him in battle. White war horses go back as far as the Celtic Goddess Epona's white war horse from 500 BC. Even in less traditional worlds than our own, the white horse is an often seen as a celebrity. Just one example is in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings where a fearless and glowing white horse named Shadowfax carries Gandalf purely by his own choice throughout middle earth.

White horses are still immensely popular today. Besides the adoration of the general public they are also the choice for organizations such as the Queen's Household Cavalry and the US Marine Corps Color Guard where they are the main feature for ceremonial occasions. Then.. who could forget the world famous Lipizzaner Stallions? To many of us the white horse is instantly reminiscent of famous silver screen appearances as the mounts of TV cowboys. Everyone from Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger riding "Silver" to William Boyd as Hop-along Cassidy riding his white horse "Topper" and Tex Ritter's "White Flash" just to name a few.

The white horse has been a major part of art, imagery, and symbolism over the centuries. Artists, such as Gauguin, Constable and Munnings have immortalized the white horse in their canvases. John Collier's 1897 famous painting of Lady Godiva shows her astride a majestic white horse. Others depict the white horse in their pub signs, the latter still in use outside hostelries throughout Britain today and in America where the imagery was so well loved it was brought here clear across the oceans by the early settlers.

Historically, white horses have been the most sought after mount in war for the most famous warriors of all times, to the glamorous standout steed for Hollywood's "good guy" cowboy wearing the white hat. So smitten are we with the white horse that even the Pegasus, Unicorn, and other magical horses of far away fairy tale lands are almost always white greatly adding to their glamour and mystical appeal.


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Some Common Sense Safety Tips for your Horse Drawn Experience

Even though we have operated many horse related activities for over 30 years without incident, here we share with you a few tips. Take a spare moment of your time to go over them with us. We are truely dedicated to making sure your horse-drawn carriage experience is a safe one.

  1. When approaching the horse speak and let him know you are there before touching him. Make sure all children are held by the hand around the horse and don't let them get under a horse, or grab hold of the horse's legs. Draft horses have very large feet so watch your toes when standing close to them! While normally a minor injury, it is quite a painful one to have your foot stepped on. Never stand directly in front of a horse. The safest place to stand and pet is right at the horse's shoulder. If you are unsure where to stand just ask, your driver will be happy to show you.

  2. Make sure the horse is standing quietly before attempting to enter the carriage. Even though your driver is well trained to handle the horse, they do sometimes move a little at the wrong time. A horse just shifting his weight from resting one hip to the other can cause the carriage to move slightly. If the carriage isn't perfectly still for stepping up, give the driver a second to settle the horse.

  3. Always stay completely seated while riding in a moving carriage. Smaller children should be seated between adults and held onto. Never allow children to jump out of a moving carriage as serious or fatal injury could occur if ran over by the very hard carriage wheels. Never exit the carriage unless the carriage is completely stopped and the driver is purposely unloading passengers.

  4. While having photos taken while outside but near the carriage, make sure all persons are at least 12 inches clear of the carriage wheels. Its easy while trying to follow a photographers direction to not pay enough attention to where your body is in relation to the carriage wheels. Make sure you stand in a safe place before posing for photos. Your driver or footman may ask you to repostion yourself if he/she feels you are not in a safe zone while near the carriage.

  5. Do not feed the horse anything from your hands. We are happy to accept a treat for the horse, and we promise he will get it at home, but in his food bucket. While hand-feeding horses is widely observed on television and with some owners, it is never a good idea and only encourages nipping. Since our horses are around the public so much of the time we can't afford to take the risk of teaching them to associate any part of a person's body with a food treat.

  6. Do not throw anything at the horse. While it is commonplace to throw rice, birdseed, and rose petals at weddings, just make sure that nothing is thrown directly at the horse. Not only could that startle the horse, small seeds could lodge in their eyes and cause injuries. Closely monitor any children with a handful of something to throw that are near the horse. Kids can get quite excited at events and sometimes don't think about what they are doing.

  7. During rides that leave private property and enter public roads that are questionable as a safe carriage route, Arkansas code requires that the carriage be followed by a car using its 4-way flashers. Make sure you keep the car near but a safe distance behind the carriage.

Thank you for taking the time to read our tips and enjoy your ride on
“The Princess's Carriage"

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