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How to Reserve The Princess's Carriage Service


Pricing for Our Service:

The cost of your carriage service depends on the distance we have to travel to your event, how long you want a carriage, and the actual number of carriages you request. We use MapQuest Internet mapping service as our mileage calculator.

Before you call, it’s a good idea to have the actual addresses of where the carriage will be picking you up, and dropping you off. After receiving a deposit on your contract we pre drive your route in a car to scope out where to park the very large truck and trailer we haul everything with, and also to check for any possible traffic conflicts for a horse drawn, slow moving vehicle.

Most carriage services easily fit into our 2 hour miminum rental. The price for one carriage for a couple of hours, within 75-100 miles of us fall into the $500-$625 dollar range. Your quote will be for a total agreed cost as our prices always include all travel time, fuel, mileage, set up, and your carriage service. Some carriage decorations are available at no additional cost. No additional fees. Please call for an exact quote.

Discounts are available for extended time events like festivals, corporate functions, black tie affairs etc. Monday through Thursday events are also offered with significant savings. Please call us to discuss your plans, and our availability.

Description of Services:
A horse drawn carriage as part of your wedding festivities

The Grand Entry: Carriage driver meets bride and her selected passenger(s) at a pre selected location to be delivered to the ceremony in grand style for all to notice and see along the way. Photographer should be on alert for pictures. Typical additional passenger(s) is the person giving the bride away, and/or bride’s maids, and/or flower girl.

The Grand Exit: Carriage arrives outside just as the ceremony begins and guests are inside. This service is often a surprise gift to the newlyweds for great photos and a romantic ride for some quiet time together before the reception.  Ride is up to 30 minutes and gives family some time to do any needed finishing touches to the reception area before the couple’s arrival. If the reception is too far for travel by carriage we drop the couple off at a waiting car or Limo after the carriage ride.

We offer packages that include either Grand Entry or Grand Exit service as well as packages that include both. We also offer a package that includes rides for your wedding guests at the reception location if so desired as part of your festivities. Call us at (501) 232-4102 for an exact quote for your event.


Request a promotional packet, we gladly send out promotional packages to anyone interested in our services. Just call or e-mail us through the site with your mailing address information. The packet includes a photo CD with over 100 photos, contracts for service with instructions, a safety information sheet, business cards, brochures, flyers, pricing and full descriptions of the service packages you may choose from.

Call (501) 232-4102 or email

When you call we will discuss your dates, times, place, and our availability. Please read the FAQ and Safety Tips for your Horse-Drawn Carriage Experience pages for more details. If you have any questions about anything feel free to call us! We are happy to discuss all your concerns.

* note* Neither our horses or carriages are subjected to the wear and tear of nightly rides or city curb work. Our horses happily run free in thier private pasture between events, and our top of the line custom carriages are always cleaned and garaged.

We also take special care to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our horses and crew by pre-inspecting each and every job well before the actual event. Rest assured that with"The Princess's Carriage" service you never have to concern yourself with equine humane issues, or a dirty and tattered carriage showing up for your special event.


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Complete the contract:

Please download, complete and send it to us with your deposit. Contracts can be mailed or emailed to To download the contract, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target as...".

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