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The "Duke" of New York

We were lucky enough to acquire Duke from a broker who was marketing him for a friend who owns a carriage company and had to sell him due to a family emergency.

Duke's previous job was as a Central Park carriage horse in New York City. Duke, as you can imagine, is used to all types of traffic, sirens, and city noise. At one point in his life as a carriage horse Duke even had to ride on a freight elevator to the stables where he was housed.

Duke is a real lover and meets everyone here at the farm as soon as he sees them. He always gets close enough to beg for pets and affection. Duke is a wonderful horse that is a joy to handle in every way. The sure sign of a horse that has been treated right his whole life. Just the way we like it.


We purchased Royal to be the team mate of Prince when Prince needs a helping hand with the horse power. Both being white Percheron draft horse's with gorgeous long tails that flow to the ground. Royal and Prince exhibit that "look at me" attitude with beautifully arched necks, and a fancy prance to their step.

We we were sure we would fall in love with Royal and boy was that right! Royal is an expereinced carriage horse with weddings and special events on his resume from his time before with another carriage company.

Royal is a total joy to drive and literally comes alive in harness. He obviously loves his job and that makes everyone happy!



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Prince is our "go to" horse for just about any kind of job imaginable. Prince is a white Percheron Draft with a flair for strutting his stuff. It is clear when you see how proud he holds himself that he is well aware of his royal status.

We purchased Prince through our good friends in Connecticut where we know we can rely on their expertise to guide us to just the right kind of horses for our kind of business. It is no small feat as safe commercial horses are hard to find and worth their weight in gold.

Prince is smart as a whip, and like all our horses, loves people and the attention he's getting. Prince loves pets and kisses and will stand as still as a rock to soak them up! We love all our horses very much, and Prince is truly a favorite.


This is Clyde the Clydesdale. Typical of his breed he has a lot of white markings and heavy feathering on his lower legs. Clyde is a very calm horse about as fearless as a horse can be. All horses have their own likes and dislikes and while Clyde will tolerate his face being petted he prefers to be stroked on the shoulder.

Clyde looks super sharp pulling a white carriage and has enough white on his body to really look spectacular. Clyde is our "go to" horse when its too cold outside to give one of our white horses a head to toe bath which we always do before any service. Clyde can be scrubbed from the white down, be brushed and/or vacumed and be ready to go when the weather is not cooperating.

Clyde has a full long mane and tail as well as the fluffy feathered feet giving him the look of a horse right out of a fairy tale, or one you might imagine carring a Knight into battle. A truely special horse for your special day!


Prince and Pearl

A perfect pair, perfectly matched and perfectly in tune to each other. This fine team of pure white Percherons are truly a treat to watch working together. It is almost as if they can read each others minds. Having worked togeher for years they are literally harmony in motion.

Each equally talented being driven as single horses, they are used as a team together when we find ourselves faced with a hill or load that needs a doubling of the horsepower. Working together they can literally breeze through a job that would have one horse straining.

Always mindful of not over stressing or over working our horses we are thrilled to have Prince and Pearl on board for those occasions where one horse is just not enough to do the job humanely. We determine whether or not we need this fine pair of horses working together or not when we do the pre-inspectrion of the proposed route.


Bonnie is the better half of our Clydesdale team Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie is one of those in your pocket people loving horses. Bonnie literally comes running across the pasture to greet you, and embodies the definition of a "Gentle Giant" She loves attention and very much enjoys being petted. Bonnie is a love of a horse that is hard to resist.

Bonnie while being a registered Clydesdale horse and a big, big, girl she has unique markings to her roan pattern making her quite striking. She's also a great match for her partner in crime Clyde whos coat pattern while different is amazingly enough like Bonnies to make them quite an eye catching pair. Gorgoeus as a team or by themselves as singles .

Both Bonnie and Clyde are realitvely young horses at ten years old they both have the old souls of much older been there/done that horses. t



Princess Elsa (left) and Ana (right) are the two newest additions to the Princess's Carriage small herd of working horses. Sisters that have been together for years each drives both single and as a team. Ana is very much a love bug and acts far more like a dog than a horse. As soon as she sees a person she is on her way to meet you! Elsa is a little more reserved and warms up after getting to know you over time. Elsa and Ana have a very harmonious and warm realtionship with each other which I hope this photo shows. These girls look fabulous on either the Rustic Wagonette or the Royal Wagonette, and believe it or not look pretty awesome on one of our Cinderella's too! More golden in their summer coats than what they look like here.
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