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Our Carriages:


The Cinderella's

Our Cinderella's (one pictured, two available) are brand new, all custom creations made to our exact specifications. One Cinderella will seat up to 6 adults comfortably in a three quarter circle seat. The Cinderellas are spectacular carriages all by themselves and are also very pretty custom decorated to your events theme. We have a varied supply of decorations that can be added to the Cinderella's at no additional cost. There is nothing quite as awe inspiring as arriving to your event in one of our top of the line Custom Cinderella carriages. True perfection for any age Princess. These carriages are perfect for events with folks that are mobility challenged. Sitting just 6-8 inches off the ground they allow easily assisted enrty from even a wheelchair. The one curb side door opening also makes them super safe for childrens events. Normally pulled by one or two of our spectaular white draft horses.




The Disney Princess

The Disney Princess is a brand new custom carriage originally built for a Walt Disney Production of Cinderella in Tokyo Japan. At the time of purchase there were only 7 of these rare carriages in the world, and we were very lucky to acquire one. A carriage designed for a couple, it is accented with chrome hearts, an ice bucket, and champagne glass holder. We will provide the ice for the bucket and the glasses, and you supply your alcoholic drink of choice. We can offer sparkling grape juice upon request as part of your service. One of our favorites for weddings, quinceaneras, proms, and engagements.


The Royal Wagonette

The Royal Wagonette is the perfect compliment to the Cinderella with matching gold sparkle upholstery, gold sparkle powder coated frame and and white fringe top. This carriage seats 12 full sized adults comfortably and is a perfect pick if you wish to deliver all your brides maids and groomsmen in style at once. Bench seating on each side is perfect for a cute picture, and nice moment as each groomsman helps each bridesmaid down from the carriage steps. Pulled by two white or golden magnificent draft horses it is a spactactular part of a super grand entrance to your festivities.



The Rustic Wagonette

Our Rustic Wagonette is perfect for those Rustic themed and barn style weddings, festivals, and other kinds of events where you want that old fashioned rustic appeal. This carriage looks best pulled by one of our colorful Clydesdales or Golden draft horses. It has an all new facelift for 2017 and brand new uphostery that matches both the maroon frame and the natural golden oak panels. A fringe top and the quaint old fashioned look is complete! This carriage seats 8 full sized adults comfortably which makes it quite versatile for many different types of events. A father and the bride plus 6 bridesmaids fit perfectly in this carriage. Your driver can be attired in dress western wear with cowboy hat, or fomal wear as pictured here.



Your Driver

Your driver will be formally attired in a top hat, tuxedo shirt, formal coat or vest, and bow tie. His or her clothes must be cleaned, starched, and ironed before each event. In the event of high wind or rain or your driver will switch the top hat for a coachmans cap. Rain requires a clear poncho as well. Your drivers are all experienced horsemen. They are trained and knowledgeable in how to keep the horse obedient in circumstances far beyond what most horses are ever required to contend with.

The Footman

Your Princess's Carriage Service includes the services of a footman. A footman is a formally attired attendant that stays with the horses' head during all loading and unloading of passengers. The footman is in addition to your driver who handles the reins. A footman naturally adds an extra element of safety, and is always provided as part of your service at no additional charge.

The Groom

All jobs include at least one, and sometimes two grooms along to help load, and unload the carriage. The groom also attends to the horses needs. The groom will offer the horses water and even give one a qiuck sponge bath on hot days. The grooms also do any last minute cleaning to the horse or carraige that may be needed as a result of transport.

The Horses

Which brings us to tell you a bit about Our Horses. We use only proven carriage horses. Our horses are carefully selected not only for a good temprement, but for their total compatibility as a carriage horse. We insist that they have everything all in one package. Not only must they be exceptionally beautiful and photogenic, they must be calm, trusting, and like lots of attention from people. It truly takes a special kind of horse. Job requirements as a Princess's Carriage horse includes a horse that's willing, obedient, and fearless. While quite costly to aquire, experienced horses are worth their weight in gold!

The Service

Our Service is always top of the line and even includes an extra trip to your event location prior to your event. We use our car to pre-drive each and every job from pick up point to drop off location and any stops in between. We do this to ensure that the proposed route is a safe one for a slow moving vehicle. We avoid blind hills and sharp curbs in the road where a car might happen upon a slow moving carriage unexpectedly. While most routes are fine, when we see an area where we feel there is some concern we look for an alternate route and promptly discuss any proposed changes with you. We feel so strongly about the added safety a pre-inspection of a carriage route adds that it is always included as part of your total service at no additional charge. You will also be happy to know that we enjoy a perfect safety record.

It's Not Your Grandpa's Buggy

Our carriages are truly fit for a princess. They are hand crafted by superb carriage makers and custom built to perfection. It takes months and months to build a Princess's Carriage. The cost of each of our horse and carriage ensembles is as much as most new cars.

A lot of unseen work goes into bringing you a Princess's Carriage. Days and even weeks of preparation go into ensuring you a safe and enjoyable experience with a horse and carriage that arrives at your event in flawless and impeccable condition. Carriages and harness must be cleaned, and the horses must be meticulously bathed and groomed. That in itself is no small feat with a draft horse, much less white ones.

Regardless of which carriage you decide on, always know that your Princess Carriage is always garaged between special events. Our carriages are kept in immaculate condition and never abused with the wear and tear of nightly rides. We truly keep our carriages fit for a Princess!

In short, it's not your Grandpa's buggy.

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