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Who's Behind The Princess's Carriage

Let me introduce to you Karen Garriott, owner of The Princess’s Carriage, her husband Ron, and all their children. Daughters are Gretchen, Heidi, Cody, and Shelby, and sons are Shawn, Daniel, and Travis. I think you'll agree that The Princess’s Carriage is truly a horse-loving, family owned and operated business.

Karen has owned horses since the age of 10. At 58 she has been ‘horsing around’ non stop for 48 years. She has never been without a horse in her life since the day her parents decided they were tired of her endless begging for a pony.

Throughout the years, Karen has stayed active in the horse industry as a showman, show judge, teamster, and riding instructor, and has owned and operated various horse oriented businesses. Her expertise includes everything from a boarding and lesson stables, training, horse sales, to saddle club officer, and even the past president of a regional breed club here in Arkansas.

In 1984, after driving carriages 6 days a week for several years for a busy carriage company in downtown Indianapolis, she came to love and embrace the sport of driving horses. Shortly thereafter she ventured out with her own professional horse and carriage service.

All of Karen and Rons children learned to ride and show horses. Of the kids, three daughters are still very active and accomplished horse women. Having practically cut their teeth on the backs of horses, daughters Heidi, Cody and Shelby, all teenagers, actively compete in various horse shows. They compete in everything from western pleasure, English riding, trail, ranch horse and a number of the speed events. Their son Travis, who is the only boy still living at home, rides occasionally and regularly helps out with the carriage services.

If you would like a peek at their lives with their horses see the “On Our Farm” photo gallery here on the site.

This family’s experience with horses spans many, many, years. So, naturally I feel safe in saying that ‘horsing around’ is in their blood. You can relax and enjoy your carriage ride with the Garriotts. When riding on a Princess’s Carriage, you are in more than capable hands.

Theresa Komor
Journalist, reporter, freelance photographer, and family friend
February 28, 2009


Just imagine the ambiance!

A white horse pulling a white carriage! White has always been symbolic of light and innocence, and white horse drawn coaches have long enchanted people in all parts of the world. However, for centuries only the high born could afford to ride in a white carriage pulled by all white steeds. Today this fairy tale image has become a rarity.

Lavish white coaches with white horses wearing opulent harnesses goes back to a time long ago. In our historical past the festive celebration would be announced days before by a mounted rider who would tell of the coming event all throughout the town and countryside. A few days later the all white coach and horses would romantically “draw the joyous pair” for a show around town.

Quite often associated with a wedding or proposal these elaborate parades of the couple were considered as much of a show to the town folk as the most extravagant opera performances of the day. Traditionally the all white coach and horse ensemble was considered so elaborate it was always reserved only for royalty.

Not so anymore!

You can ride in royal style on a Princess's Carriage!

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Karen + Family

There's just no word's to express our gratitude for what you all done to make our wedding day a dream come true, oh how happy I was to see a white horse on my wedding day. I still cry tears of joy because of it. You and your family was so kind + sweet, and I will never forget you all. We loved the horse and carriage so much we had 500 cards with the picture of us in it made to mail out. Again Thanks Mrs. Karen

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